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Our Photo Album - By Country

Preparation - August 2000 (Denver travelogue)

DeKalb, Illinois - September 2000 (DeKalb travelogue) (back to top)

Westfield, New Jersey - September 2000 (Westfield travelogue) (back to top)

Scotland - September & October 2000 (Scotland travelogue) (back to top)

Ireland - October 2000 (Ireland travelogue) (back to top)

England - September & November 2000 (London travelogue) (back to top)

  • London - British Museum, London Sights, and a Visit with Kevin Hawken
  • More London - Sightseeing and dinner with Kevin Hawken
  • London and on to Calais - London bus, Tower Bridge, Globe, Tate Modern, and a rough crossing

France - November 2000 (France travelogue) (back to top)

Spain 1- November 2000 More Spain (Spain 1 travelogue) (back to top)

  • Paris to Madrid - Last trip to the Eiffel Tower, dinner at Bistro de Papa, train to Madrid, and the Prado

Morocco - November & December 2000 (Morocco travelogue) (back to top)

Spain 2 - December 2000 More Spain (Spain 2 travelogue) (back to top)

Monaco - December 2000 & January 2001 (Monaco travelogue) (back to top)

  • Barcelona to Monaco - More Gaudi and a warm welcome to Monte Carlo
  • Monaco - Visiting the palace and the Oceanographic Museum
  • More Monaco - Japanese garden, party at Uncle Marc's, and haircut

Italy - January & February 2001 (Italy travelogue) (back to top)

Greece - February & March 2001 (Greece travelogue) (back to top)

Egypt - March & April 2001 (Egypt travelogue) (back to top)

India - April & May 2001 (India travelogue) (back to top)

  • Bombay, now known officially as Mumbai - A much more interesting and easy city than we expected
  • Kochi - Boating around a lake and the "backwaters" in Kerala, a state in southwestern India. (The backwaters are a network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals fringing the coast of Kerala.)
  • Kathakali Dancing - A form of classical Indian dance-drama indigenous to Kerala
  • Munnar - A "hill station" surrounded by tea plantations and spectacular views
  • Bus Ride to Thekkady - Another great bus ride. This time from Munnar to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary By Boat - A boat from which we watched wildlife and a swimming pool from which we watched monkeys
  • Devi Temple Festival - Each year there's a festival for each temple, and this was one for a small temple just inside the gate of Periyar.
  • Hiking in Periyar - More wild boars, monkeys, elephant poop, and, our favorite, leeches
  • Madurai and Its Sri Meenakshi Temple - A town filled with pilgrims and rickshaws
  • Kodaikanal (Kodai) - A pretty little hill station town awash in Indian tourists
  • Chennai (Madras) - The Government Museum and a festival to commemorate the birthday of Thiagaraja (a venerated composer, but you knew that!)
  • Tirumala - A most extraodinary day, walking with the pilgrims to view Lord Ventkateshwara
  • Tirupathi to New Delhi - We end up in the suburbs of New Delhi but manage to catch an incredible dance concert
  • The Red Fort and Old Delhi - We are back in a real city after three days in sterile New Delhi
  • Jama Masjid - Old Delhi's great mosque is India's largest and Shah Jahan's last great building project
  • Walking Around Old Delhi - The living, breathing, full-blooded part of Delhi
  • Touring New Delhi - Around Delhi and India Gate and Humayun's Tomb
  • Visiting More of New Delhi - The Bah'i Temple and President's House
  • The Taj Mahal Part 1 - Dreamlike
  • Taj Mahal 2 - Unbelievable.
  • Around Khajuraho - On the bus and around this tiny town famous for its temples
  • Khajuraho's Jain Temples - The Jain Temples (and the Southern Temples) are free and very peaceful. We wandered around, discussed temple architecture and sculpture styles, and watched kids swim in the river
  • Khajuraho's West Temples - Now surrounded by a park, these temples were lovely - probably more peaceful today than when they were being used.
  • Khajuraho's West Temple Group Continued - Though known for some sexually explicit sculptures that have shocked and titillated generations of tourists, the setting and other sculptures are wonderful
  • On the Train to Varanasi - One of the things we enjoy most is just looking out the windows of the bus or train. No monuments or temples or historic sites but perhaps a more representative view of India
  • Varanasi, Holy City on a Sacred River - Rest, math, journals, and a walk to the sacred Ganges River
  • On The Banks Of The Ganges - Shrines, fiery worship, laundry, cremations, tea stands, ritual bathing, death, and swimming all in the same spot
  • The Old City - Disposable dishes, cremation accessories, and dentures

Nepal - June 2001 (Nepal travelogue) (back to top)

  • Good-bye Varanasi; Hello Nepal - A walk around Old Varanasi and a car trip into Nepal
  • Starting Our Trek - Five interesting hours by bus from Pokhara to Beni and then a short walk to Galeswor
  • Galeshor to Tatopani - Mule trains, bridges, and green hills
  • Hanging Out In Tatopani - We spent a day in Tatopani goofing around by the river, sleeping, and celebrating a birthday
  • Tatopani to Ghasa - Up the Kali Gandaki gorge on a path barely hanging (and occasionally falling off) the cliff face
  • Ghasa to Lete - Some photos of what a nice guest house looks like. Ghasa is the first Thakali village we come to - prayer wheels and Buddhism - and we stop for lunch in Lete
  • Lete to Kalopani - A tiny inn surrounded by huge mountains
  • Kalopani to Marpha - We wade the river, stop for lunch in Tukuche, and watch as the landscape becomes harsher. We also see many more Buddhist shrines
  • Marpha - A cool Buddhist village
  • More Marpha - Up the hill behind the town and back to the monastery
  • Marpha to Kagbeni - Up the river to a medieval-looking oasis
  • Rest Day in Kagbeni - Playing in the river, walking around town, watching the wheat harvest, and a visit to the monastery
  • Kagbeni to Multinath - Up the pilgrimage route to a sacred place for Buddhists and Hindus
  • Muktinath - Muktinath is a pilgrimage center for Buddhists and Hindus. We've seen sadhus headed here for the last few days. Beautiful views and lots of prayer wheels
  • Mulktinath to Jomson to Pokhara - A quick walk down to Jomson and then a flight to Pokhara
  • Pokhara to Kathmandu - Nice ride through green hills, past the site of a fatal accident, and into the city
  • Kathmandu - Tourist shops, wood carvings, temples, and toothache cures
  • Walking to Swayambhunath - Monks, monkeys, and monuments
  • Swayambhunath 2 - More monks, monkeys, and monuments, this time with music
  • Durbar Square - A walk around Kathmandu's main square
  • Bhaktapur Part 1 - Founded in 865, the town that was for 200 years the most important settlement in the Kathmandu valley
  • Bhaktapur Part 2 -  

Tibet - June & July 2001 (Tibet travelogue) (back to top)

  • Overland To Tibet - Waiting at the Friendship Bridge and then an incredible truck ride to Nyalaam
  • Nyalam to Tingri - Through Nyalam Pass (3800 m) and Lalung-La Pass (5050 m) to our first taste of tsampa
  • Tingri to Lhatse - Tibetan lunch and a barren landscape
  • Lhatsa to Shigatse - Beautiful stark landscapes, barren places, and yaks
  • Tashilumpo Monastery - The Panchen Lama's monastery and full of chanting monks
  • To Gyantse and Pelkor Chode Monastery - Founded in 1418, Pelkor Chode has an amazing number of books and is home to the Gyantse Kumbum
  • Gyantse Kumbum - A grand chorten at Pelkor Chode Monastery
  • Gyantse to Lhasa - Glaciers and swimming in Turquoise Lake with the Himalayas as a backdrop
  • Potala Palace - The White Palace once served as the seat of the Tibetan government and the main residence of the Dalai Lama; the Red Palace houses several chapels, sacred statues, and the tombs of eight Dalai Lamas.
  • The Jokhang Temple - In the center of old Lhasa, considered the holiest temple in Tibet, the Jokhang was temporarily converted into a guesthouse by the Chinese after 1951.
  • Drepung Monastery - Once the largest monastery in the world, it's now home to abou 600 cheerful monks
  • The Norbulingka - Summer palace of Dalai Lamas
  • Linghor Kora - A traditional sacred circumambulation of Lhasa. Tote helps paint Buddhas
  • Around Lhasa and a Visit to Sera Monastery - Prayer wheel repairmen and debating monks

China - July 2001 (China travelogue) (back to top)

  • Chengdu - Interesting, comfortable, modern city that reminds some of us of Denver -- it has about the same population
  • Emei Shan Part 1 - A bus ride that was an act of faith and then, in the words of one of our party "the stairway to hell."
  • Emei Shan Part 2 - From the lovely (and, shall we say, "rustic") Elephant Washing Pool Monastery to the Golden Summit
  • Chengdu to Xian to Beijing - After we failed to get train tickets, we flew to Xian where we resumed the quest for train tickets. While tracking down tickets, we went to a water park (we were so surprised to find one in China that we had to try it, though we've never been to one in the U.S.!) and paid a visit to the famous terra-cotta warriors
  • Temple of Heaven Park - A pretty but relatively incomprehensible set of buildings used by the emperors to propitiate or worship or get favors from heaven
  • Beijing's Yonghe Gong, Kong Miao, and Guozijian - (Or, in other words, Lama Temple, Confucian Temple, & Imperial College)
  • Beijing Nights - Dinners (one of Peking Duck) and a night at the Opera
  • Forbidden City - Where emperors once roamed, and as the less than interesting signs repeatedly informed us, "attended to state business and received officials," or sometimes vice versa
  • The Summer Palace - We were smuggled into one of the most beautiful places we have visited. Unfortunately, by the time we struck had negotiated the metro, the bus, and the smugglers' van, it was evening.
  • The Great Wall - One of the most fantastic places we have ever seen and one of the most frightening hikes we have ever taken
  • Beijing to Hong Kong - Twenty eight hours on a wonderful train

Hong Kong - July 2001 (Hong Kong travelogue) (back to top)

  • Hong Kong - Big, expensive, and it comes with dried lizards
  • Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur - We spend a day walking and busing around Hong Kong. We have no problem with the typhoon and our flight to Malaysia was marvelous - so is Kuala Lumpur!

Malaysia - July 2001 (Malaysia travelogue) (back to top)

Phillipines - July 2001 (Phillipines travelogue) (back to top)

  • Manila - A nice hotel and wonderful "jeepneys"

DeKalb - August 2001 (DeKalb 2 travelogue) (back to top)

  • Back in the USA - Grandma's, dirt track racing, the Ten Acres, and a county fair

Denver - August 2001 (Home travelogue) (back to top)

  • Back Home - Greetings, reunions, and life slips back to normal
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