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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | February 2001  

February 2001 - Siphnos

Climbing to St. Andreas (and a Mycenaean town) and around our "house."

Standing atop a Mycenaean agora looking out at the sea.  All of those white dots in the distance are houses or churches!
St. Andreas Flowers  
More of St. Andreas More of St. Andreas More of St. Andreas Window
Inside of St. Andreas.  It follows the pattern of most of the churches around here.  The altar is behind the screen.  On the left is a little stand for candles and sometimes incense.  On the right (and hanging on the walls) is an icon. Part of the archeological dig
A part of the "dig." Flowers Mark taking bearings
Leaving the church.  Kitriani Island in the background St. Andreas Yet another church  
The church right outside our door.  There are three churches within 50 meters of the door.  I suspect there may be 3 churches within 50 meters of any human habitation on the island and many churches that are not near any houses to boot. Tote, being weird, with encouragement from Monica Mark at the desk Livingroom/bedroom
View out of one set of doors The "house" from the outside Off to hunt something or other with Crispin.  Crispin, his sister, and parents live in a house behind us.  They are Polish, though they have been in Greece for 10 years. Monica and Mark's bedroom