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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | February 2001  

February 2001 - Athens to Siphnos

Ferry to a little island in the Cyclades

Playing a Star Wars game Maggie and friends on the ferry to Siphnos The modern Piraeus, the port of Athens.  It's about 6 miles from Athens and, during the Classical period, was connected to the city by long walls.  Mark on the ferry
Monica on the ferry Recovering from seasickness, the children chat Maggie dances on the rolling ship Entrance to the house
Working on math Stone wall and church View off our terrace Kids playing in the gravel
Town running up a hill One of the many paths through town Lintel of church Gate from Monica
The biggest church in Appollonia Inside the church Inside the church Like St. Paul's this one has chandeliers
The fields are terraced Flowers (oxalis, our sour clover but with huge flowers) Religious picture in a smaller church Smaller church
A more modest church Kastro, atop its hill, with the harbor to the right Church behind Kastro Playground in Kastro
Two dumb animals Structure build by the kids in the driveway