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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | February 2001  

February 2001 - Athens

Changing of the guard and folk dancing

Store for buying religious things One of the many, many churches that are everywhere Two goofs and a goofily dressed guard These fellows, who look like they are dancing or imitating the mating dance of storks, are marching around Greece's tomb of the unknown soldier in front of the Parliament.
The old guards marching away Odyssey's ship? Sitting at a cafe Folk dancers at Syndagma Square.  A stage had different performers all week, apparently as part of Carnival
This guy is about to do a flip.  He was heavy enough and old enough to put himself in the hospital, so it was pretty exciting. Dancers Throwing streamers off the balcony.  Maggie made some origami animals for a cafe owner, and he rewarded the children with noisemakers and streamers.