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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | May 2001  

May 2001 - Jama Masjid

Old Delhi's great mosque is India's largest and Shah Jahan's last great building project

Inside and auto rickshaw Walking toward the mosque The mosque is built from the same red sandstone as the Red Fort Part of the front
Sometimes we attract a crowd.  Once a few people stop to stare, more people stop, and sometimes we end up with a whole crowd.  This group was just quietly looking at us as we sat on the steps. The south gate of the mosque with autorickshaws waiting.  The ones with green stripes are CNG powered.  Eventually, we climbed the tower on the left. Bicycle rickshaw.  They don't seem to be allowed in New Delhi Backside of the mosque
Looking down at the courtyard of the mosque from the tower.  In this picture and the next, one can see the Red Fort in the distance This gives a better idea of the scale of the Red Fort Looking out at Delhi More Delhi.  This is pretty much the color of the sky all the time - neither white nor blue, just a sort of blank grey.  Sometimes yellowish grey.  One Sunday we saw a patch that looked blue for a few moments, but that was only once.
Looking down at the domes Maggie.  At this point, she was feeling a bit sick but wouldn't admit it. A good view of Delhi's pollution.  The tower is high enough to get the pollution drifting over from industry smokestacks.  Inside the courtyard looking up at the tower
Looking toward the main gate across the courtyard The mosque Washing feet in the courtyard's pool