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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | May 2001  

May 2001 - Walking Around Old Delhi

The living, breathing, full-blooded part of Delhi

Noodles Making chipatti Cooked on a roughly hemispherical hot rock Grains and nuts
Bread Fabrics Bed store Melons
Grains Red pepper - everyone calls it capsicum Apartment house Shoes
How many horsepower does a cow have? Doorway Guys hanging out at the barbershop The gang at the barbershop
A large cheese or yogurt One of Old Delhi's gates.  The walls are gone but some of Shah Jahan's gates remain Negotiating with a rickshaw Sitar recital at the Habitat Center.  Every night, the India Internationa Center and the Habitat Center have free cultural programs.  Few or no foreigners attend and only 30 or 40 Indians, generally middle-aged or older, show up.  The programs have been great.
Goofball wearing waterbottle glasses an 18th-century open-air observatory (Jantar Mantar).  Last October, the Indian government raised the prices for foreigners at all the Delhi archeological sites.  We are supposed to pay 50 times what Indians pay.  Generally, the kids go in and we wait outside.  It's one of the features that makes Delhi one of Mark's least favorite cities on the trip. A view of the observatory and the pollution leaf in the water
Maggie at poolside Selling mutual funds on the sidewalk