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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Egypt | March 2001  

March 2001 - Luxor and Luxor Temple

Walking around Luxor Temple at night

Horse carriages.  They would take you anywhere for about $1.50.  The mini-buses took us around for a guilt-provoking $.35, and they were more fun.  Unfortunately, these carriages are used mainly by tourists and the drivers seem to constantly harassing tourist-types, like us. Ragab and a waiter by Maggie Monica is fascinated by Egyptian roofs.  She points out that in Chefchauen, the roofs were all fixed up and tidy and well-used. Looking out at Luxor
The entrance to Luxor Temple, carved with the military exploits of Ramses II.  In these reliefs he is enormous compared to everyone else. This is one of two obelisks that originally stood here.  This one's mate is in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.  Once a year from the Temple of Karnak the images of Amun, Mut, and Khons would be carried down the Nile on a ram-headed boat to Luxor Temple fo rthe Opet Festival, held during flood season.  Luxor was Amun's "harem of the south."  An avenue lined with sphinxes connected Luxor with Karnak After a week or two in Egypt, the kids quickly deciphered this relief.  It depicts Upper and Lower Egypt being bound together - the Lily and the Papyrus A big foot
Graceful papyrus colums outside an older temple incorporated in Luxor Great Court of Ramses II  
Prisoners (from Asia?) More feet Court of Amenophis III.
The god Amun "fertilizing" the land, rather graphically.  The relief is on the outside of the Barque Shrine of Alexander the Great who rebuilt it after conquering Egypt and added reliefs of himself being presented to the god Amon Ramses II