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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | February 2001  

February 2001 - The Forum

Touring and picnicking in the Roman Forum

Tonsured monks at the Colosseum Heading into the Forum toward the Arch of Titus Standing in the Basilica Maxentius and checking things out in Grandma's Then and Now book Part of the Basilica.  Completed by Constantine in 312 AD, the ceilings are 35 meters from the ground.  The head of the statue of Constantine that resided here is 2.6 meters tall.
Looking the length of the Forum San Lorenzo in Miranda built inside the Temple of Antoninius and Faustina Maggine in the ruins
Roman something Our picnic spot.  Sitting in front of the Temple of Divus Iulius.  After Caesar was assasinated, his body was carried to the Forum and burned on a pyre.  An altar was built on the spot and then a temple.  Augustus, Caesars adopted son, had his father honored as if he were a god by dedicating this temple to him.  People still leave flowers on what remains of the temple. Roman detail It starting to look like Spring.  The weather has been great.
The eight columns are what remains of the Temple of Saturn.  The Romans kept the state treasury here. One popular way of making money is to give free tours and then ask for tips.  This guy was really good.  He is declaiming Antony's speech from Julius Caesar in this picture.   Reading with Temple of Vesta in the background.  Vesta was the goddess who protected the domestic hearth.  The round shape comes from the round huts of very ancient Romans.  A sacred fire had to be kept buring constantly.  Unsurprisingly, the temple was destroyed by fires several times.
The Arch of Septimius Severus