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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Hong Kong | July 21  

July 21 - Hong Kong

Big, expensive, and it comes with dried lizards

Hong Kong shopping area.  Clothes, electronics, bootleg software, cell phones, floor after floor, shop after shop.
And did I mention that people jammed everyplace?
Monica looking at, but not admiring, the Hong Kong skyline on Hong Kong Island
Signs on Nathan Street Shop full of dried stuff Even, dried lizards
Dim sum received a review of "medium" from the kids; "wonderful" from Monica; and "ouch" from Mark (after he saw the bill.) This is from the Juo Bear Comic Cafe.  It has loads of comics, magazines, newspapers, computer games, internet, comfy couches, reading nooks, a little cafe, and board games.  You pay about $4 an hour just to be there.  Rather like rent-a-rec room Here the shrines are tiny and inconspicuous.
This may capture the Hong Kong street scene better than the panoramas.