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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Hong Kong | July 2001  

July 2001 - Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur

We spend a day walking and busing around Hong Kong. We have no problem with the typhoon and our flight to Malaysia was marvelous - so is Kuala Lumpur!

Another night in Hong Kong.  It is amazing. Hong Kong street scene Goofing around at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Duncan and Maggie "driving " the bus from the second deck
The day kept getting greyer, but we didn't expect a typhoon Maggie and Mark Typhoon warnings emptied the Hong Kong streets. Mark and his helper checking out
Tote and Maggie goofing around Duncan reading a newspaper in Chinese Playing Zelda on Malaysia Airlines Hot pot at an outside restaurant in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown