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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | April 2001  

April 2001 - Devi Temple Festival

Each year there's a festival for each temple, and this was one for a small temple just inside the gate of Periyar.

Walking over to see what was going on in the afternoon Women with jasmine flowers in their hair The front of the little temple Crowd gathering to begin the procession to another temple
Drummer Getting ready Smoke from incense In the background are a column of young women carrying sprouts on their heads.
Dancers carried these pyramids on their heads. Dancer People would surround the dancers so they didn't dance into other people or out of the parade One of the gods
same A kathakali-type person on stilts This fellow lead the procession of the woman.  He seemed to be in a delirium or trance and was semi-supported by the people around him. The girls with their sprouted decorations
They were beautiful These dancers have skewers stuck through cheeks and tongues Drummer Another drummer
The katakhali guy same drummers More drummers
Horn player Drummers Dancer with skewer God guy
The right way to wear jasmine flowers how Monica wore her jasmine flowers Along the path of the procession, people set out flames and lamps