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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | May 2001  

May 2001 - Taj Mahal 2


The jawab, I think. The mausoleum The jawab and mosque obviously contrast with the mausoleum in color.  Curiously, they also seem to contrast in texture.  Note the cloud in the sky.  In Delhi, we never saw clouds and weren't sure we ever saw the sky.
Looking out of the main arch of the jawab Flower decoration, duh. Merry Christmas from the Hughes Family.  This was taken by a gardener who was resting and interested in us.  Unlike all the photo touts swarming the Taj, he didn't want a tip.
The classic picture Maggie looking back at the main gate - the mausoleum is behind her.  The garden is called a classic Mughal garden - long water courses and pools with walking paths, fountains, and ornamental trees.  It is similar to that inside the Red Fort. By the way, the minarets are just for decoration.  The mausoleum is not a mosque. Inside of the main gateway
Under a big tree No place in India is entirely safe from cows?