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June 2001 - Walking to Swayambhunath

Monks, monkeys, and monuments

View from the roof of the Kantipath Temple Hotel - a lovely place.  Though we didn't stay there, we loved the view, the architecture, and the staff.  Our hotel, Sidharta Guest House is visible as the low greenish colored building to the left of the righthand railing.  Swayambhunath is partway up the hill at the base of the tallest hill in the background.  Poking up from the trees on the righthand side is something that looks like a tall pagoda next to something that looks like a modified obelisk - that's the Royal Palace.  The antennae just to the right of that is on the American Embassy grounds (I think).
A shrine at the Kantipath hotel.  The hotel is filled with woodcarvings and nooks and crannies that are reminiscent of Nepalese homes and temples.  The little doll on the statue is one of many scattered around the hotel in obscure spots.  The staff gave a couple to Maggie, who was delighted, of course.
Lots of butter lamps
Butter lamps Monks playing cards in a sidestreet.