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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | February 2001  

February 2001 - Grandma Hughes is Here!

Picking her up at the airport, a tour of Florence, and then fun in Casacastalda

Grandma taking pictures of us while she is still in customs.  Here comes Grandma! Part of the Florence Cathedral (again!) Mark explaining why the Dome is a big deal to Grandma who just wants to go buy postcards.
Maggie and Grandma in Giotto's Bell Tower. The Dome from the Bell Tower No one remembers what Tote is doing, and Tote won't tell us. Happy Tower climbers.  Maggie and Grandma counted 409 stairs.  The lady who told them 412 must be wrong.
View from the tower Cinzano, an Italian aperitif.  We gave one to Grandma.  She said it was good and then nearly choked.  Now she makes a little coffee before dinner. Buying more postcards. Bust of Cellini on Ponte Vecchio.  Tote said Cellini was his hero, giving his dad a mild attack.
Goofing around on the Ponte Vecchio More goofing around on the Ponte Vecchio Maggie and Duncan looking after Grandma during the morning shopping in Casacastalda.  Grandma still bought roasted barley instead of coffee. Grandma after the battle of the customs declaration.  When we got back from picking up Grandma, we got a note saying a package from home was stuck in customs.  Someone had declared it full of "foodstuffs," and the Post Office in Genoa wants $5 to inspect it.  Grandma wants it delivered right away.  We'll see who prevails.
The fruit truck.  One of several businesses that drive the streets with a loudspeaker announcing their services.  The dry cleaner is another. Maggie playing hide and seek Walking back from the art expedition.  Grandma brought beautiful weather - our nicest day of the whole trip. The art gallery and "ciao" sign to welcome Grandma