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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | February 2001  

February 2001 - Gubbio

Traipsing around a very old city

This is an example of the lovely doorways with lace curtains that we saw in many places in Gubbio The Magic Spot in Gubbio Many streets feel and look positively medieval. Gubbio street
There are many of these little connections "between blocks" Walking around in Gubbio Piazza Grande and the Palazzo dei Consoli.  Inside are the Eugubian Tables  - seven bronze tablets that date from 300-100BC and which are the main source of research into the ancient Umbrian language.  How do you get a big piazza like this one on a steep hillside? View from the Piazza.  The tower and Palazzo can be seen from any open space in town
Iron thing Another iron thing Fontana de Pazzi (Fountain of the Crazy People).  If you walk around it three times, you will go mad.  The kids tried it, and we have noticed no change.  Does that mean it works or doesn't? That little thing on the right is a shrine.
Door knocker Monica's latest door This is how you build a giant flat piazza on a steep hillside.  The whole thing sits on these giant, ancient vaults.  Made some of us very nervous. Gubbio.  We kept waiting to see people carrying swords striding up the street.
One of the pazzi See all the arches that have been filled in an revised.  We saw lots of buildings like this. Cool street.