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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | February 2001  

February 2001 - Snowy Days in Casacastalda

A hike on a grey day turns into a white hike (to the delight of the kids!)

One of the corners of Casacastalda's old wall.  It looks like it is now part of a house. Heading over to the bakery This is taken from inside the old wall looking out to the main road.  On the left is the barbershop Maggie peeking in the barbershop window to see Dad and Duncan getting haircuts
One of the churches and the other gate into the walled part of the city Mountains with lots of snow - there will soon be more. Hockey on the terrace (For Chris Wielga from Tote)  The gross way to eat a chocolate bar.
The beginning of the hike On the hike A bit later on the same hike Truffle Reserve
Snowing but not so bad On the snowy hike Nature composition Later.  That white dot is the sun.  Compare this to the one that begins the row above!
North Dakota in Italy The day after the snow we have beautifully clear weather.  The air is clear enough for us to see buildings and windmills on top of the high mountains Same Road up to the cemetery with stations of the cross