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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - Hiking Around Casacastalda

Heading over to Castello di Giomici and the big town of Collemincio

Looking at a house Monica really liked But this is Monica's dream house The castle on a hill.  It looks positively medieval After an hour or so, we arrived at the castle and another big place called La Francesca
Water spigot with Mary on the top and trail marker on the right The castle.  It dates back to the 12th Century The castle is now a resorty place, though no one was there when we visited.  One can swim, fish, and go truffle-hunting with specially trained dogs. The castle
On the way back to Casacastalda.  These two were discussing clouds and . . . Star Wars.  View of the countryside It's lovely here, even on a rainy day. Interesting how irregular the fields are compared with Ireland.
Casacastalda Our new sous chef Our Sunday hike to Collemincio actually had some sun.  This is what it looks like looking toward the mountains Same
Cool patterns in the field Monica couldn't resist taking a picture of this field. Tote couldn't resist taking a picture of the clouds, or maybe he was just fascinated by the unsual color of the sky.  It actually appeared to be blue.
Shrine at edge of Collemincio Collemincio Duncan and roof tiles.  He smiles only when not being photographed The house we're staying in.  There are garages on the first level; we're on the second; and the fellow on the third lives in Perugia.