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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - Art Picnic

Short stroll out of town for a picnic

Casacastalda's town clock.  It rings every quarter hour, all night long. One of the two churches in town The mountains we can see in the distance, usually with a bit of snow on them Looking back at Casacastalda
Looking away from town Picnickers Drawing Sketching Tote
Painting Monica Sketching Tote Building an arch The magnificent finished product.  Now, we're ready to build an aqueduct
Looking off our picnic hill Maggie and a friend Monica and a friend.  We were scared but Monica wasn't Heading home
The terrace at the house.  Must be nice in the summer.  Duncan and Tote during an evening walk with Monica Evening Brown leaves on oak trees