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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Egypt | March 2001  

March 2001 - Back in Cairo; Back at the Museum

Egyptian takeout food; the mummies and the museum; the market (and Fishawi's) at night

Maggie with cuchery (rice, pasta, lentils, topped with fried unions, chickpeas and hot sauce) and sandwich I like this weird stuff
Model of Nubian troops.  During the Intermediate Period, some provincial governors formed their own troops, helping to make them more autonomous.
Maggie's favorite Examining mummies
King Tut's back
This is Akhenaton.  He is one of the most intriguing of the pharaohs.  He  established a new monotheistic cult of Aton, reigned during a period of almost caricature-like art, and was married to Nefertiti More from Akhenaton's reign
Same Characteristic relief showing the sun disk bestowing blessings on people.  The Aton was never shown in human or animal form, except insofar as the extended rays of the sun disk might end in hands to confer blessings upon men. This was the life-giving and life-sustaining power of the sun. He had no image in the hidden sanctuary of a temple but was to be worshiped out in sun-warmed openness. The buildings for the Aton were of a new kind. The massive solidity of the older temples was given up, and walls were run up of much smaller stones and were jammed with excited little scenes in a feverish new art. There is one of these reliefs in Luxor, and compared to the sedate reliefs of earlier and later periods, looks like the work of drugged kindergarteners.
Two dudes at Fishawi's.  Fishawi's opened over 200 years ago and has never closed.
Tote at Fishawi's Fishawi's main item of decor? Large ornate mirrors Belly dance costumes for sale in market Antique store
Midan Hussein at night Watching things at the market Al Azhar at night