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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Egypt | April 2001  

April 2001 - Coptic Cairo

Several churches and a synagogue tucked away behind walls in an area called Babylon

Denver boot in Cairo Typical office lobby Jawa motorcycle Gate into Babylon near the "Hanging Church."  The Hanging Church "hangs" is built on top of an old Roman fort.  Beams were placed across parts of the fort and church built on top, without a foundation.  That means the church doesn't have a foundation and "hangs" above the ground.  Unless you look carefully, you'd never notice this.
Curtain in the "Hanging Church" discolored from kissing Inside the Hanging Church, actually Ivory inlay in hanging church Inside the hanging church
St. George's church.  St George doing what he is known for.  Though he is the patron saint of England, he was from the Middle East.  Stories about him probably came to England with the returning crusaders. Things are changing.  This is the first time Maggie has worn her dress during the trip.
St. George's chains.  George was an early christian martyr Inside of St. Sergius, also called Abu Serga. Crypt in St. Sergius, supposedly one of the spots where the holy family rested after fleeing from Herod Arabic christian descriptions
In the stairwell at Pensione Roma, a foul, dirty place.  The only one I have ever seen that was worse was in a Chicago public housing project. Working the courtyard at American University in Cairo Our room at Pensione Roma Monica working on the computer