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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Egypt | April 2001  

April 2001 - City of the Dead

The living have took up residence in the mausolems and now there's utilities, shops, and apartments

Monica and ta'amaiyya makers Ta'amaiyya being cooked.  Rather like falafel but with green stuff in it that makes it lighter.  In the City of the Dead.  This is a huge necropolis into which people moved and now live. Part of the City of the Dead.  Just to the right of center, in the background, is the Mosqe-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan.  The Citadel was home to Egypt's rulers for 700 years.  It was originally built in 1176 to fortify the city against the Crusaders.
Memorial of Qa'it Bay, Detail from mausoleum of Qa'it Bay One of the smaller domes
Maggie attracts a crowd
Threadmaker He gave Monica and the boys little skeins of fancy thread
Roasting a chicken with common equipment