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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - Monaco to Venice

A good train ride and then . . wow! . . we're on another planet

Olivier, who helped us all the time and finally made sure we arrived at the station in time Tote in his couchette with his "paper" blanket On the "bus" from the Venice station Tote and Duncan on the bus
Saint Mark's in the twilight. On the bus from the hostel to San Marco Front doors onto the canal The Bridge of Sighs.  Enclosed so no one from the outside could tell who was being taken to and from the palace (on the left) and the jail (on the right)
Cool thing Looking across at Santa Maria St Mark's Piazza San Marco with pigeons and rotten, unsupervised children chasing pigeons.  On the left is the baroque Procuratio Nuove.  On the right is the gothic Procuratio.  At the back is Napoleon's neoclassical palace. Behind us is San Marco.  We are sitting on the portable walkways that are stacked in the Piazza (and lots of other places) ready for the floods.
St. Mark's - Twain said it looked like "a warty bug taking a walk."  Goethe said it "can only be compared with itself." Tote in what Napoleon called "the most beautiful drawing room in Europe."  We wonder if he invited pigeons to all his parties. Rotten children scaring pigeons again, and again, and again. Lions
Riding the lion We think maybe this establishment has replaced the restaurant in which we had the famous hamburger incident with Uncle Marc.  That would be a lovely irony. Walking around On a bridge
Side "street" Another side street Gondola, supposedly becoming endangered despite the fact that a 50 minute ride costs $60 Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

A streetcleaner's broom.  For some reason, streetsweepers  in France, Spain, and Italy prefer the kind with branches.  In Paris, they use brooms with plastic replicas of branches.