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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - Venice!

San Marco and some of what we have seen wandering about the place

Gondolas have been black since 1562.  They are 11 meters long, made of 280 different pieces of wood, and is painted with seven layers of balck paint. Side street Venice bridge - Many of the stone bridges were replaced with wrought iron in the 18th century Shops along Piazza San Marco.  You can also see cafes.  The first coffee shop was opened on San Marco at the end of the 17th century.  By the 18th century, there were 24 in Piazza San Marco.
Same St. Mark's.  Mark was martyred in Alexandria Egypt.  In 828, two Venecian merchants, Buono and Rustico, swiped the remains and brought them to Venice.  Venice pitched out its former patron saint, St. Theodora. St. Mark's is cool Venice doesn't smell this time of year, but it is a bit cool.
Looking across at Giudecca and San Giorgio Maggiore.  The doge's important guests, ambassadors, princes etc. used to moor their boats here. Gondola along Riva degli Schiavoni.  The Riva was formerly much narrower and ideal for ambushes.  In  1172 Doge Vitali Michieli was assassinated during a procession near here. The route of the procession was changed. Venice scene Venice building
More Venice Even more Venice The Piazza San Marco.  Supposedly the brick part of the bell tower makes up only half the tower.  It tumbled over on July 14, 1902 and was rebuilt.  From the top of the tower, in 1602, Galileo showed doge Leonardo Dona how to use a telescope. Guess what.
Even more Venice Our room at Hotel al Vagon