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Travelogue: By Country | By Date China | July 2001  

July 2001 - Beijing Nights

Dinners (one of Peking Duck) and a night at the Opera

Gaowa (Maggie), Jackie, Tote, Maggie, A Lion, Duncan, Monica Restaurants along Dongzhimenwai.  The lights were magical With friends in Beijing Lanterns on Dongzhimenwai
Painting and noodles at "home" in our apartment Part of the opera, particularly the first scene, were really acrobatic. This is a woman disguised as a man who is a spy and a general disguised as a servant trying to steal the lady/man/spy's passport.  That should give you some idea of the Opera's storylines. This is a lady waving long scarves around in interesting patterns.  She may have turned up something to do with the monkey god story, but we're not sure.  Her scarf waving was cool anyway.
The monkey god and a funny man. We don't know what the funny man was saying, but we know it was funny. These guys are trying, without success, to cut off the monkey god's head.  We don't know why they were trying to cut off his head. The monkey king escaping with a backwards handspring Success!  A fan was at the bottom of the whole thing.  It turned up at the end, and everyone was very happy.
Painting on the opera house wall Beijing duck dinner with Michael and Jackie.