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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - The Kids Visit the Great Dome

And take pictures to tell about it

Duncan: Tote's looking through a little window that was at the very bottom of the wall.  Maggie took a picture of him there. Tote: I think this was a tower for bringing things up to build the Dome.  Duncan: This is an unknown machine.  Please send us your ideas about what it might be.  It was in a room with machines and tools made by Brunelleschi to haul stuff up to the Dome's construction and to complete various tasks once up there.  There was a sign on this one saying "Machine of Unknown Purpose." Maggie: Duncan's head in a spiral staircase.  I was below him, I think.
Tote: You shouldn't have it.  It was an accidental one.  I was just pointing at the Dome, and Maggie took a picture. Duncan: This is Duncan's ghost on the ceiling of the dome. Duncan:  This is the Doozer ghost peeping over the railing to see the domed ceiling. Duncan: It's the Palazzo Vecchio tower through one of the Dome's windows.
Tote: This is the Eye of the Dragon.  It's out a porthole window of the sky.  I wasn't tall enough to get anything down below it, but I did it on purpose. Duncan:  This is Duncan's brilliant picture of the church's belltower.  Duncan: See, you can see the curving walls.  It's the inside of the Dome.  Duncan: Down the Dome to the roof of the Cathedral.
Maggie: I wasn't taking a picture of anything, I just like the view.  Maggie: I like the mountains Maggie: I was trying to take a picture next to a picture.  Maggie: It was fun to take all these pictures.  I wanted to show Mom and Dad what it was like up there.
Maggie: This is the same kind of thing as the other ones. Maggie:  A picture down the Dome, so Dad could see what it looked like.  Dad said it looked like a good waterslide. Duncan: One side of the ornamental doohickey on top of the Dome.  Maggie: A picture of the  building that had a round arch on it and then rectangular door.
Duncan: You know why we got this one?  If you look closely you can see the little doohickey that's on the top of the babtistry in front of the church.  It looks like it's part of the church.  Maggie: I was trying to get a picture so you could see inside the tower, but it didn't work.  Maggie: It's a picture of the hallway.  It looked better real than in the picture.  Tote: This is looking up at a stained glass window.  I didn't take this one.  Maggie hogged the camera.
Someone taller looking at the stained glass window.  Duncan took it because he is taller. Tote: Statue of a saint or a pope - some sort of religious guy. Maggie: Statues of saints.  I don't know who they are.  I took it because they looked cool.