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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Marpha

A cool Buddhist village

On the way to Marpha we pass several government buildings, and we start seeing orchards.  This place is awash in dried fruit, juice, hard cider, and brandy. Doorway with a bridge-like entrance In our rooms at the Neeru Guest House, selected by the children. Maggie playing a make-believe game in the garden
Looking up at the dining room from the garden Spinning prayer wheels at the monastery. Stairs up to the monastery The view from the steps was wonderful: the roofs of the houses - full of wood and decorated with prayer flags, the green fields around town, and occasionally the mountains in the background.
Roofs of the village houses More roofs The fields were the only green spot in the landscape Maggie with a giant prayer wheel.  After giving it a spin, she was surprised to hear it ding, dong.
Inside a courtyard was the central shrine Inside the shrine were all these things Buddha and the deceased King and Queen Bells
Statue Drum with holy books in the background Cool drum Thanka and holy books.  Thanka means, in Tibetan, "thing you roll up."   So, it's a picture, usually of a god, painted on cloth.
Close up of holy books Doors of the inner temple