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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - More Marpha

Up the hill behind the town and back to the monastery

View of the village rooftops with prayer wheels (and prayer flags) Prayer wheels and prayer flags in the background This is a shrine on the hillside above the town.  We walked up to it.  It was much steeper than it looks in this photo. The green fields and mountains and town
Prayer flags at the shrine.  The kids were delighted to find some little flags that had blown off onto the ground Tote retrieving a prayer flag Door.  You can see the firewood stacked on the roof. This is a typical Marpha side street.
Courtyard with stove Monica at the monastery Cute girl at the monastery Front of the temple building in the monastery.  (We liked the colors!  Wouldn't a bright red and yellow cathedral be a nice change?)
Front of the temple building with the dharma wheel and deer symbol that represents Buddha preaching to the animals Butter lamps Big butter lamp Odd thing
Courtyard Prayer flags through doorway Prayer wheels Dining room at Neeru Guest House.  It was nice, but it looks nicer here.