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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Marpha to Kagbeni

Up the river to a medieval-looking oasis

Horses with traditional, beautiful tack Shrine, really more like a gateway or tunnel with prayer wheels inside. "Lama stone" or stone with prayer carved on it.  No Nepalese person that we met could explain where they came from or knew what they said.  The could only say that the lamas bring them and put them on the cairns that are all along the trail. Buddha eyes and cairns with lama stones on them
In the middle of nowhere, we ran across this kid killing time with a handheld video game. Mark walking north to Pokhara behind people carrying bundles of grass Prayer flag and mountain The raging river has become a weak braided series of streams
Kids with the river behind them Dramatic clouds and mountains A bridge that wasn't very high and was wider than some, but the wind was so strong, it was hard to cross it. Heading north to Kagbeni, above Jomsom
This is a little huddle of guest houses called Eklai Bhatti or "little bhatti."  It seemed to be built right in the riverbed Buddha eyes outside Eklai Bhatti Looking north to the edge of Kagbeni's fields, just slightly above the riverbed Kagbeni's fields
Fields with a stone wall These little shrines are everywhere since we hit the Buddhist part Monica's inevitable livestock picture A big shrine in Kagbeni.  Maggie discovered a secret about this kind of shrine.  You'll see what she showed us all in later pictures.
Goats in town Doorway.  This place has become rather dependent on tourists, and like in a couple of these little towns, it seems the people who deal with tourists have considerably more money than their fellows.  We met several people in this town that had been to Singapore and Japan for holidays. Decorated skull above the door in the New Asia Hotel Maggie in the dining room
Carved rock Monica eating (very) hot food.  We enjoyed her struggles . . . because usually she enjoys ours. View out the dining room window We spent a day in Kagbeni doing math, laundry, and relaxing