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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Rest Day in Kagbeni

Playing in the river, walking around town, watching the wheat harvest, and a visit to the monastery

After breakfast, the kids rushed off to change the course of the river.  We went down to see their progress, and one of us had a nap. Doorway leading to the fields Guest house kitchen
Kagbeni is a dense cluster of mud buildings, towers, and walls. A gateway in Kagbeni We don't know what this image is used for, but some of us found it was giggle material Kagbeni scene
Kids examining prayer flags This was formerly the northern limit for trekkers.  Now it's the northern limit unless you have a boatload of money for a permit.  Rumor has it that it was north of here that the CIA had bases to cause trouble for the Chinese in Tibet.  Bright window in a mud-colored village straw
Prayer wheels in Kagbeni's monastery Kids interpreting painting while monk looks out the window Wheel of life.  In the centere of the wheel are the three basic evils, symbolized by a dove (passion), a green snake (anger), and a pig (ignorance). The intermediate space between the centre and the rim is divided by spokes into five sections, depicting the possible states into which a person can be reborn.  It's supposed to be the realms of gods, people, animals, ghosts, and demons, but we had trouble finding them. Around the rim of the wheel the 12 nidanas, or interrelated phases in the cycle of existence --ignorance, karman formations, rebirth consciousness, mind and body, sense organs, contact, sensation, craving, grasping, becoming, birth, and old age and death. Wheel of life, again.  Held by a monster
Unfriendly looking chap Wind-powered prayer wheels Monk and Tote with the wind-powered prayer wheels Monk high above Kagbeni
Wind-powered prayer wheels Looking at the river Mountains, monastery, and river Typical Kagbeni scene
View of Kagbeni's fields Fields Barley Cleaning barley