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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Kagbeni to Multinath

Up the pilgrimage route to a sacred place for Buddhists and Hindus

The view from above Kagbeni.  On the left is the gorge north of town, in the middle is the town, and on the right is the River gorge south of town.  (The building, curiously, is related to a failed windpower project.  We can't imagine how it could have failed since Kagbeni has plenty of the main ingredient.)
This is what Maggie found inside the shrine,  The mandalas were on the ceiling.  Veerle and Mark toasting with the (very) local beer.  A fermented, thick barley concoction.
Maggie with the hotel people They gave us scarves when we left.  It felt nice. Shrine above town on the way to Muktinath Resting after the steep climb up out of Kagbeni.  This is about 3200 meters.
Trail down to Kagbeni - I think Trail up to Muktinath Hill on the way to Muktinath Stone cairn.  Along here, pilgrims leave stones to honor their ancestors.  Things are definitely drier and harsher.
Scarves were often tied to bushes in this section Walking toward the mountains Looking up at the mountains Khingar (?) a town on the way up
Khingar Prayer flag Girl carrying stuff Coming into Jarkot
Tops of mountains over the top of a door There's no wood to speak of this high, so the big beams are apparently carried up A big shrine in Jharkot Water jugs.  There was a big wedding party here last night, and we say people washing dishes and heading home.
Inside a shrine in Jharkot, now that Maggie has made us look at the ceilings, we see these more often. Lama stone smeared with paint