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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Morocco | December 2000  

December 2000 - Sevilla

Maria Louisa Park, Plaza Del Salvador, the Cathedral, Place De Espana

Moorish style Seville building Stairway in our "hotel" Statue in Maria Louisa Park, built for 1929 Fair that never happened Girl in Maria Louisa
A vase in Maria Louisa (note that unlike many American parks it is not broken) Maria Louisa Place de Espagna, part of the park Place de Espagna, part of the park
Goofball on tiled bench Maria Louisa Maria Louisa Frog Fountain at Maria Louisa
Maria Louisa Getting a drink in the park Pavilion Our "hotel" room
On the stairs in our hotel Playing soccer with an orange in Plaza del Salavador (the crowd is mostly drinking glasses of beer from one bar) More crowd, soccer Breakfast (and math) spot with poinsettias and orange trees
Bells at the top of Giralda, the cathedral's bell tower, once the minaret of the mosque on the same site before the reconquista Looking down at the courtyard of the cathedral (where moslems used to wash before praying) Horse rides Bell tower
Bell tower view inside the cathedral inside the cathedral Main altar - it supposedly contains 2 tons of gold
Altar for Virgin Mary Picnic at Maria Louisa Scooter girl and swordsmen Place de Espana
Place de Espana Place de Espana Back home writing e-mails