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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | February 2001  

February 2001 - Rome

We caught the early train from Perugia and, when we arrived in Rome, it was sunny!

On the train to Roma Sleepy but happy campers headed to Rome Old Colosseum and young tourists Tote and dad thought the state of the last arch on the second tier was an interesting demonstration of how arches fail without side support which can be provided by other arches
Colosseum Looking toward the Forum and Capitoline hill On Sundays, the historic district is closed to cars Here we are, dazed, but in Rome
A building corner by Monica Looking at the Trevi Fountain Niccolò Salvi designed this conglomeration of rocks , waves, and naked guys. Grandma Hughes wearing Maggie's coat
Those who toss coins in the Trevi Fountain are guaranteed a return to Rome.  Monica was confused about which fountain was the Trevi. The rest of the crew found the correct fountain. Trevi Along the Tiber with St. Peter's in the background
Castel S. Angelo, tomb of emperors and last resort of popes.  Ponte S. Angelo, the bridge in front of the Castel, is lined with angels designed by Bernini One of the Ponte S. Angleo's angels Door knocker by Monica A painting in St. Barbara's showing the Virgin, various saints, and the bookseller who paid for the painting.
Exploring St. Barbara's church.  Barbara was a christian martyr.  According to tradition, she was young and attractive.  Her beliefs upset her parents, so they sent her to her room - actually they locked her in a tower - but she escaped.  Tired of just nagging her at the dinner table, her father beheaded her.  He was immediately struck dead by lighting.  The outside of St. Barbara's.  See the lightning bolts under her feet?  Barbara is the patron saint of artillery men, bomb disposal experts, miners and other who risk a sudden death. Lousy scultpture The Forum
The Forum from Capitoline Romulus and Remus suckling from the she wolf Spanish steps panorama.