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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | April 2001  
April 2001 - Kodaikanal (Kodai)

A pretty little hill station town awash in Indian tourists

Garland and how flower stand.  Note  how the hanging garlands are wrapped! Daisy Jasmine and her family.  We chatted for forty minutes and then, the inevitable snapshot Kodai was created in 1845 by U.S. missionaries and British civil servants as a hill station to which administrative offices were moved during the summer.   The views were nice
Near the center of town is an artificial lake Catholic church Inside the church Outside the church
Inside a Hindu shrine Terraces around Kodai Walking to the "rock pillars," about 7 km out of town.  Kodai was full of tourists, but very, very few European tourists.  All through India we have found ourselves amid middle class Indian tourists. Monkey taking a break
More terraces A simple shrine A tourist attraction The rock pillars
Part of a play done for tourists Tote (or is it Duncan?) relaxing before the walk home Women carrying wood on their heads Three monkeys and a mile marker
Double datura in Bryant Park Flowers in Bryant Park This couple was married two days ago.  They met two days before that.  Arranged marriages remain the norm, and we have seen lots of cheerful newlyweds. Flowers
This fellow was challenged by his family to strike up a conversation with the odd-looking English speakers, English is far from universally spoken, and to spin one of us around.  Tote obliged. Another datura Demonstration.  In this small town on the road between Kodai and Kodai Road, two people were hurt by wild buffalos.  There is no nearby medical help.  To get attention, they blocked traffic for an hour or so.