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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Mulktinath to Jomson to Pokhara

A quick walk down to Jomson and then a flight to Pokhara

Duncan ordered three Tibetan porridges, correctly anticipating that the Muktinath portions would be small. Looking out at the awesome scene Leaving stones to honor our ancestors Shrines with stones
This curious nearly spherical kind of rock was placed in prominent places in Muktinath.  Just downhill from Muktinath was the only place we saw them. Prayer flags Roof with wood and a familiar (and here, unusual) kind of ladder. Shrine on the way.
We're back to the river, though above it, and we can see the fields of Kagbeni.  This time we'll pass south of Kagbeni and won't visit it. On the way to Eklai Bhati Mules on the trail to Eklai Bhati Horns at Eklai Bhati, where we stopped for . . . dal bhat, again.
Souvenirs at Eklai Bhati More souvenirs at Eklai Bhati More handwoven cloth at Eklai Bhati More handwoven cloth at Eklai Bhati
Nilgiri from Xanadu's dining room Happy Maggie and happy Monica Pre-flight check in involved getting a boarding pass, weighing baggage, paying the airport tax, having baggage inspected, and getting a pat down search. Playing cards with Kris and Veerle.  Our flight was scheduled for 7 AM, but this time of year, none of the flights go on schedule.  Many don't go on the correct day.  After 10 AM, passengers can leave.  A siren sounds in Jomsom, when a plane leaves Pokhara.  Since it takes about 17 minutes to get to Jomsom, there's no problem getting to the airport in time.
Boarding in Jomsom.  Boarding happens very fast, because everyone wants to take advantage of any window. Pilot from our seats Getting off the "big" plane At Pokhara International
Our room at Tranquility was waiting for us.  As was Ramses, the gentleman who keeps things straight there. Pokhara (not from our hotel!) The lake and lovely hills around Pokhara The Laughing Buddha restaurant, named for Osho
Watching the commission's report about the murder of the king.