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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | March 2001  

March 2001 - Our "Worst" Day On Siphnos

The coldest and windiest day we spent on Siphnos, a day on which people apologized for the weather, was a spectacular day for hiking along one of the coasts

Walking down the "road" to Kastro Inside a church Icon Maggie lighting the oil lamp with a candle.  This picture shows the oil lamp paraphenalia one finds in nearly every church, including some paper on which to wipe one's fingers
Kastro on its hill.  The little harbor is to the right.  Kastro is at the end of a long valley that runs down from the old agora.  I cannot help thinking of invaders, in the dead of night,  creeping up the hill with swords to slay the inhabitants.  Old cemetary on the way to Kastro entrance to the cemetary We don't know what this plaque we found in the cemetary means, but we'd like to know.
Symbol of the orthodox church Waves near Kastro Inside a church Waves at Kastro beach.  The waves were strong enough to rattle the stones of the beach as they swept back.
Roof of a church Oil lamp supplies in a window that was less tidy than in most churches View of terraces out a window Looking out a window in Kastro
Waves coming into Kastro's little harbor Kastro's little harbor Church of the Martyrs(?) on an outcropping behind Kastro On the way to the church
Below Kastro the water was churned so white that it looked like milk Heading back to Kastro Kastro house Kastro in the distance
Another church Oil lamp Storm clouds Ringing the bell at the church
Looking out at the Aegean Window Church at the monastary Gate with hibiscus bush
Looking out to sea Two current forms of transportation