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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | March 2001  

March 2001 - Around Siphnos

We have yet to find a place that wasn't fun to get to and wonderful to be at

Painting with our friend Crispin Mark working on the computer and geometry Guess what?  Another church Sunset on the way to Artemonas
Sunset Watching the sunset from the top of the hill, next to a church, of course. Maggie and Dad Tote at breakfast
At Platis Yalos beach At Platis Yalos beach Mark and Nico, the gymnasium teacher, at the library At Vathi beach
Vathy beach Vathy beach A wonderful treasure that Maggie found on the beach Looking out of Vathi inlet
Vathi Platis Yalos as we pass on the bus Sunrise from our terrace.  The morning light shines right into our bedroom, which is wonderful for Mark but requires Monica to put a pillow over her head