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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Greece | March 2001  

March 2001 - Swimming at the Chrisopigi Monastery and Farewells

We had fun jumping in the water (and racing out); we were sorry to say good-bye to our friends

Looking out at the sea A little place to swim below the monastery. The monastery is actually on a little island separated by a rocky narrow passage that would be great to swim through (when the water is warmer!) The entrance to the monastery's church
Flowers, rocks, and water Flowers along the path Cross Flowers
Potential swimmers contemplated the potential The boys on a big rock Still potential here
Monastery church Working on journals at the monastery.  Mark working on his geometry, on a cool, sunny day. This is not easy. The passage that creates the island
Looking back at the monastery Flowers Kryspin and Maggie.  A Polish family lived behind us in Sifnos.  They were great to chat with, and the kids loved playing together. Natalia
Tote, Maggie, Natalia, Duncan, and Kryspin Natalia and Maggie Kryspin and Maggie Iwana, Natalia, and Maggie
The front of our "house."  The first window and door are in the bedroom and faced east. Maggie with a succulent plant from which she made "fish" Lady in one of the cafes. Fishing boat in Kamares harbor
Boarding the Sea Cat, a fancy and fast catamaran ferry, for the ride back to Athens The Sea Cat's wake