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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Ghasa to Lete

Some photos of what a nice guest house looks like. Ghasa is the first Thakali village we come to - prayer wheels and Buddhism - and we stop for lunch in Lete

Eagle's Nest Guest House Eagle's Nest Kris doing the requisite menu examination to see whether to stay at Eagle's Nest or not.  First, we looked at the Dhal Bhat price, then at the price for a beer. On the back are the standard Anapurna Conservation Area Project rules that mark the menu as the standard menu for the whole town. Porter and sheep
Maggie and Mark in the dining hall View from our window.  The place was tidy.  The food pretty good.  The view fabulous.  The garden lovely.  Yet, all the walls in the sleeping area stopped six inches from the ceiling.  That mean we shared sneezes, snorts, and sniffs with everyone else on our floor. The garden The girls are ready
Monica sure likes those farm animals Prayer flag We don't know what these things are called, but they are cairns with carved stone tablets placed on them.  town "gate"
Tote with prayer wheels inside gate House Typical house - flat roof and carved ladder view up the valley
  Peak in the clouds Mules on the trail Plants
Tote with a real kukuri and the kukuri's owner This bridge was lovely, windy, and without handholds. Typical mule gear There's a mule train crossing the landslide
Heading into Kagbeni, telling stories to each other