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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Good-bye Varanasi; Hello Nepal

A walk around Old Varanasi and a car trip into Nepal

Duncan's appropriate technology washing machine sidewalk shoe repairs Party crasher.  While sitting here for a cold drink, the shopowner told us about Michael, a sadhu from Colorado.  He told us admiringly about Michael knowing where to find 12 rupee thali and how he is given tea and never pays.  Michael sometimes eats with the shopowners family, had two children in the States who send for him occasionally, is 45, and wears his hair rasta style. Pictures for sale
Monica's latest doorway Cows Narrow street lingam and yoni
Another shrine with lingnams and yonis pigments for offerings and bindis image in a shrine main ghat
Lichee seller lemon/limes bangles scaffolding
On the road to Pokhara, Nepal.  Our driver stopped to buy a marigold garland for the trip.  Bullock cart - Monica has been trying to take a photo of one for weeks India immigration with a crazy person Welcome to Nepal
Police checkpoint Tidy Nepal It's a shock to see cornfields again.  There are small plots everywhere In the Pokhara market
pots in the back of a truck In the market Pokhara lake Behind those clouds are some of the highest mountains in the world.  Unfortunately, it appears rainy season has started early.