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Travelogue: By Country | By Date India | May 2001  

May 2001 - The Old City

Disposable dishes, cremation accessories, and dentures

In this part of India, clay bowls and cups take the place of plastic.  When you finish, you just toss the clay vessel on the ground.  It's said to be more sanitary than dishes washed by hand. Boats on the Ganges More boats, painted with advertisements, on the Ganges. Looking toward the main burning ghat
Men sitting in front of wood for cremations Water pots to carry Ganges water to a temple Funeral cloth.  It's cheap - about 50 or 60 cents for a piece big enough to cover a body.
Shop selling cloth and incense.  Sometimes incense is sprinkled on the fire Narrow street Doorway Disposable teacups.  Hot, spicy, milky tea costs a few cents served in one of these.
Brooms The omnipresent cows Still life Broken teacup and flower petals
Sidewalk denture manufacturer with his wares. The tooth fairy brought Maggie a mango and a pomegrante A large number of people chew pan or betel nut concoctions, with or without tobacco.  The juice is red and stains lips, teeth, streets, and nearly every public wall.  Betel-stained wall.  Yes, it's gross.