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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Morocco | December 2000  

December 2000 - More Cazorla

Hanging out and hiking

Breakfast in the hostel School in the hostel Clouds in the mountains Soccer in the ballyard
Mark enjoying a rainy day Crucifix in Castilla de la Yedra (a Moorish castle)  - part of the goofiest tour we have ever had Tote with Spanish armor (maybe) in Moorish tower The Harry Potter covers in Spain
Monastery de Monte Sion and Castillo de Cinco Esquinos - (it has five corners) The path up the first sierra Lunch at the pass - Puerto Gilillo Looking east into Parque Natural de Cazorla - a national park
Monica trying to keep her head warm with Maggie's polypro Frost on spiny plants Frosty plants Maggie who is never cold (and has spent the last two days being stared at because she wears a t-shirt around town)
Leaning tree Leaning silly people Part of the path back to Cazorla The Templar castle from above
Sunset.  The Castillo de Cinco Esquillas is the bump on the left.  The Castillo de la Yedra is just below it.  On the right is the Ermita de la Virgin de la Cabeza, and Cazorla is in the middle