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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Morocco | December 2000  

December 2000 - Hiking in Cazorla

Hike up to a monastery and the ruins of a Moorish tower

Olive trees, olive trees, and more olive trees Sunset over the olive trees Monica's Cazorla door Shadow game on the steps of the ruined Santa Maria church
In the mountains with Pablo the shepherd who gave us lengthy directions in Spanish.  He was so in earnest, we understood. Sheep and olive trees Old monastery in the mountains Picnic near the monastery
The kids romping with Loma del Castillo in the background Duncan and big pine cone The Moorish tower The way up to the monastery
Looking back at our "trail" to the tower from the tower's base Entrance to the tower
Inside the tower with lots of sheep poop Neat arch Looking out the doorway
Across the valley to terraced fields Girl and tower Looking across the valley at terraced fields
House in Cazorla with decoration