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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Italy | January 2001  

January 2001 - A Flood In Venice

Seeing St. Mark's with no pigeons

The famous swimming pool in Piazza San Marco Water in the church The walkways are useful tonight The Doge's Palace
The lagoon in the piazetta Standing on a dry spot before it disappeared You have to wade out to get a gondola The passarelle the runs in front of the Doge's palace
On the right are the two columns that support the St. Mark lion and St. Theodora.   It is said to be unlucky to walk between the columns because it is here that executions once took place.  There was a third column, but somebody dropped it in the lagoon while unloading it.  Watching the flood The water is rising Duncan hope he can swim across the piazzeta tomorrow
The doorway of the library.  Started with the donation of Cardinal Bessarione in 1468.  A cpy of every book published in Venice had to be deposited here.  In 1500 there were 493 printers and publishers in Venice.  The piazza The piazza The entrance to St. Mark's