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Travelogue: By Country | By Date New Jersey | September 2000  

September 2000 - Communion Party and Slideshow

Heard at the traditional Avis Family slideshow: "What was Becca doing in the beer cooler?","Mom, who was that man who is hugging you?","Timmy, what's that on your lip?", "Is that Drew Carey?"

Mark, Becca, Terry, Kelly, & Colleen A sampling of outlaws - Michael, Mark, & Matt Local artist receives adoring kisses from groupies Amy and Frank
Becca and Kevin Terry & Luke Beth Amy & Frank
Timmy running the slide projector Kelly and Beth The always exciting Libby Jo and Mary Jo
Maggie and her communion cake The cake . . . Duh. Amy chowing down
Grandma Avis, Matt, Beth, Amanda and Frank Paul, Sharon, and Olivia Keith, "Well of course I'm right, don't you think?" Terri and Abbie
Terry and Tote Abby and Gail (the chauffeur) Maggie, Ellie, and Gus smiling for the photo Samantha and Kelly, who actually know how to smile
Grandpa Avis or Dean Martin