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Travelogue: By Country | By Date France | November 2000  

November 2000 - Versailles & St. Chapelle

Incredible gardens and fountains (as if we needed more water), Marie Antoinette's hamlet, and Louis IX's home for the crown of thorns and couple other bits

Versailles and some peasants Ceiling Elis would have loved this place Hall of Mirrors.  Good decorating idea for this narrow room, just ask your grandmother
Marie Antoinette's bed with its summer decor Looking down to the Grand Canal In the gardens The Hamlet
Nice spot for a queen's peasants The Hamlet Queen's house in the hamlet Trianon (a smaller palace)
Fountain Cupid riding a sea monster Fountain Rose window in upper chapel of St. Chapelle
St. Chapelle St. Chapelle Drawing in St. Chapelle Ceiling
Window Lower chapel