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Travelogue: By Country | By Date France | November 2000  

November 2000 - Paris: The Market, Les Invalides, and Rodin

Incredible variety at the market and incredible sculpture at the Rodin Museum

The magnificent seafood feast at which Tote ate a snail A building for very thing people The market The market
Candy at the market Choosing salads at the market A few good things A good place to pick up a thing or two.
Now we have French art to compare to English and American art Les Invalides and the valids Les Invalides from Rodin's garden Sketching in Rodin's garden (that's the Gates of Hell in the background)
Le Penseur Burgher from Calais Burgher Gates of Hell
Detail of Gates of Hell - recognize that guy in the middle? More burghers Our excercise, lifting small cars Art discussion
Eiffel Tower and peace monument and three strange people Four-legged flying child