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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Ireland | October 2000  

October 2000 - Dublin, Ireland

Wonderful place to hang out and think about things (maybe next time)

Feeding pigeons at St. Stephen's Green (1663) Christ Church Cathedral (1172) The "snake park" in front of the Chester Beatty Library The "snake park" with goofballs
St. Patrick's, where Swift preached, and we went to Evensong Tale of a Tub Liffey (Ha' Penny) Bridge (1816) Demonstration of Warhammer 4000 at a game store
Dublin Market and a horse that likes its vegetables Lovely children and ugly sculpture (those are swans, not geese, flying up from the fallen) at the Garden of Remembrance honoring those who died for independence Walking to the Joyce Tower near Sandycove (it's the tallest thing on the lefthand side of the picture) Near Sandycove
Yep.  Near Sandycove The "murder hole"(?) of the Martello tower rented by Gogarty and lived in by Joyce for a few nights Tote working on math at the hotel Our hotel
Maggie on the ferry A pirate slaying an ugly varlet onboard the Jonathon Swift, our ferry