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Travelogue: By Country | By Date England | October 2000  

October 2000 - London

British Museum, London Sights, and a Visit with Kevin Hawken

Duncan and Tote, unable to practice the piano, learn to play the sarcophagus Two beautiful birds Four small people playing with one big dung beetle (200BC) British Museum hide and seek (2000)
Two-legged Tote and two five-legged Assyrians Nereid Monument from Xanthos (400 BC) Mark meets a friend from Xanthos For Uncle Dave.  A man goes to the doctor.  "Every time I drink tea I get a sharp pain in my eye."
Giving birth in London Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park Sculptures looking at sculptures Kevin Hawken and the boys ordering lunch in Chinatown
Americans in Chinatown in England If you need to ask . . . Horse guard without a horse