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Travelogue: By Country | By Date Nepal | June 2001  

June 2001 - Galeshor to Tatopani

Mule trains, bridges, and green hills

Maggie's favorite bridge.  The rock covers a hole. Along the trail A mule.  The mules seem to end each day with bleeding saddle sores.  You can see scars on this one. Along the trail
This is the Kali Gandaki River and gorge Loom A teahouse, or "bhatti," along the trail.  They are happy to serve milk tea or food, even if they need to make it from scratch.  Usually these places are tidy and run by one woman. Typical bridge in a typical landscape
Finishing dhal bhat and playing a compld game with egg shells.icat Tidy place Rice fields.  As we go north, wheat will replace the rice Carpenters
Nice waterfall; nice girl The cliffs start to get steeper . . . The trail gets tighter.  This is a "three-sided tunnel" The gorge and river and the path up on the left side
Mark and Tote admiring the scenery This is a "paved" part of the path.  Every now and again, a low stone bench would appear.  The benches are just the right height for people carrying loads to rest them and themselves.  Here a sadhu from southern India is resting and eating the food which someone has given to him. Typical field Typical temple
Typical mule train typical shrine Typical suspension bridge Shrine just before the bridge crossing
This suspension bridge, just outside Tatopani, crossed the river and swayed about a foot in the wind.  This is also where we ran into Kris and Veerle for the first time Looking upriver toward Tatopani It's farther down than it looks AIDS sign
Our room at Trekker's Lodge Maggie and Mark relaxing at Trekker's Lodge.  (That's Monica's beer mug, not Maggie's!)