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Travelogue: By Country | By Date | September 2000  

September 2000 - Family, Friends, and Barbed Wire

(not to mention the great Corn Maze)

Bridge in the Malta corn maze Lost soul Mom and Dad and Joey Todd, Peg, and Dave finally emerge
We made it Handsome rural couple The Big Trip sign The tickets finally turned up!  (Whew)
Lots of tickets My passport is here, too! Maggie teaching Grandma her multiplication tables Cousins playing a game
Todd and Peg Marilyn (don't ask me!) Grandma and Maggie making scones The start of the corn maze
Lost already Dave, Joyce, Dad, Doofus, Doozer, and Mom Corn maze Our fearless leader
What a corn maze looks like from above Fun things to do in the corn maze. The map of the maze Our leader and follower
Maggie is right at home Two girls in the maze A big doll house at Ellwood Mansion The dollhouse
The inside of the dollhouse It took lots of barbed wire to build this place A common DeKalb site (and sound) The Rock River